JAOD Bosses

There are numerous bosses you will encounter while playing Jaquio: Angel of Death rpg game. Each boss is unique and require different strategies to either make the battles easier to defeat, or possible to defeat at all. Below is a list of boss encounters, and the strategies for achieving victory!

Sythe, “Unknown” (First Encounter): Not much is necessary to be said about the first encounter with Sythe, because this battle is fixed. To complete this battle, attack Sythe with normal Fight Command or Combo Command three consecutive times. Sythe is a recurring character, and will end up being a very formidable opponent.

HP: ?? Block: ?? Armor: ?? Miss Rate: ?? Critical Hit Rate: ?? Speed: ??

Ability listing:
1) Body Throw: Sythe can throw allies into the background. This ability is actually a magic attack, and will slowly tick away damage over time until ally is nearly dead. There is no specific damage amount.

Dex, “Vesta Elite Soldier” (First Encounter): Dex is one of three Vesta Elite Soldiers you will eventually encounter. There are various rankings within the Vesta Inc. Military, and Vesta Elite is the highest title any soldier can achieve. Among the three Vesta Elite Soldiers, Dex is the weakest of the three, however, do not think he will go down easily! Dex is arrogant, he is brash, and he only follows orders from Lex, the strongest of the Vesta Elite Soldiers. The first encounter with Dex is a fixed battle. Dex cannot die, however, the amount of damage you do against him will determine how many battle points (BP) you will be rewarded afterwards. Do your best to burn him for as much HP as possible when you encounter him, and of course, try not to die! Note: Tobor2300 and Tobor3200 are useless items against him.
HP: 10,000 (Cannot be killed on first encounter), Block: 5, Armor: 2, Miss Rate: No miss rating, Critical Hit Rate: 1 in 10 chance, Speed: 3

Ability listing:
1) Normal Gun Attack: Damage Range [13-14]: Single Target: Dex shoots you with his gun.
2) Whirlwind: Damage Range [13-14]: Single Target: Dex will spin so fast that he turns into a small spiraling ball of wind.
3) Laser Blast: Damage Range [50-54 net damage]: Multiple Targets: Dex pulls out “the big gun” which fires a large laser beam.
4) Tobor2300: Damage Range [41-45 net damage]: Multiple Targets: Dex uses his favorite item, Tobor2300.
5) Enrage: Damage Range [20-25 + bonus damage]: Self Target: When Dex is in Enrage mode, all damage done to him is turned into bonus damage. Beware! Attacking Dex while in Enrage mode can potentially kill you!

Mother Sewer Bug: Found lurking in the shadows of Bertesgaden Sewers, the Mother Sewer Bug is a vicious opponent. But she is beatable. Her strength comes from being able to poison you and then gaining an increase in all her stats as a result of it. The strategy for beating her is simply to keep Eye Drops persistently applied to Jaquio. Eye Drops prevents the effects of her poison, and therefore, will prevent her from becoming stronger in battle.

HP: 250,  Block: 1 (Can scale during battle), Armor: 1 (Can scale during battle), Miss Rate: No miss rating, Critical Hit Rate: 1 in 10 chance, Speed: 3

Ability listing:
1) Needle Attack: Damage Range [4-5 *can scale during battle]: Single Target: Mother Sewer Bug spits deadly needles at you.
2) Dance Needle: Damage Range [6-7 *can scale during battle]: Single Target: You must follow arrow sequences in order to avoid a barrage of needles. You take damage for every wrong sequence input.
3) Bite: Damage Range [4-5 *can scale during battle]: Single Target: Mother Sewer Bug disappears into the shadows, and returns hungry! She bites you, and it hurts!!
4) Toxic Rain: Damage Range [21-25 net damage *can scale during battle]: Multiple Targets: This toxic rain attack does significant damage, especially early battle. The net damage will scale, but this ability will eventually become one of the weaker attacks if Mother Sewer Bug is allowed to get stronger enough times. The damage scaling for this ability is the slowest of all the abilities.
5) Children Call: No Damage Range: Self Target: Mother Sewer Bug summons one of her children to aide her in battle. The summoned child is a normal Sewer Bug.
6) Poison Cloud: Damage Range [1-2 *can scale during battle]: Self Target: This poisonous cloud will blind you, forcing you to skip your attack turn. Also, if poison is successfully applied to you, Mother Sewer Bug will receive an increase in her armor and attack damage.
7) Ultimate: No Damage Range: Self Target: Mother Sewer Bug will release a barrage of toxic poison into the air in a tantrum because of excessive Eye Drop usage. This ability will kill her instantly, regardless of her remaining HP.

Pro Tip: If you defeat Mother Sewer Bug the "hard way" you will earn the "Awesome Battle Build" achievement. This will grant additional BP at the end of the Battle. The "hard way" refers to not letting Mother Sewer Bug defeat herself with her Ultimate ability, which she will do after becoming so weak and frustrated from you using Eye Drops continuously. Burn 250 HP with minimal use of Eye Drops just to control Mother Sewer Bug's strength growth--as opposed to preventing it--and you will receive the bonus reward.

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