System Of A Down: The Hidden Systems Of JAOD

Eyes System:

Passcode Entry
The Eyes System is a system that observes your gameplay and will apply negative consequences based on the decisions you make in the game. This system is only activated within other systems and should not be confused with making bad choices. If given multiple choices, for instance, you may suffer the consequences of choosing the worse of those choices. This is not the Eyes System. An example of the Eyes System would be the changes activated in the game due to you inputting incorrect passcodes at Vesta Inc. The passcode system is not only programmed to do what it is obviously designed to do, but it also keeps track of your inputted activity and uses that gathered information to make your gaming experience more diverse. The Eyes System will track the number of repeated wrongful inputted passcodes and will increase battle encounters as punishment. Instances like this are very common and generally an increase in battle encounters is the triggered punishment.

No Newb Left Behind:

This system is similar to the Eyes System, however, it is always beneficial to the gamer. No Newb Left Behind can change battle encounters—similar to the Eyes System—but will do so to reduce the amount of battle encounters and can even change the type of battles you will get into. So how come, you may be wondering, are there two different systems that can affect the increasing and decreasing of battle encounters? The answer to that question lies with how the two systems are implemented. The Eyes System only works within other systems, so the entering of the passcode at Vesta Inc. and the switches in the sewers are examples of when the Eyes System will trigger.  No Newb Left Behind, however, works all the time. The trigger for this system is when you are having a difficult time with progressing through the game. This system is not an exact science, nor is it a free “win-the-game-no-matter-what” pass. This system will simply evaluate whether or not you are strong enough to complete certain scenes, and will make an attempt to help you. This help comes in the following forms:
  • Reduced battle encounters.
  • Changed battle formations; instead of going through a battle formation with two enemy opponents, you will only fight one opponent.
  • Change in the abilities enemies use; enemies will not use their strongest abilities against you, and many times the abilities they use will be nerfed. This is especially true for boss encounters.
  • Change in received rewards, such as chest items or the amount of BP granted to you.
  • Change in events and scenes; entire scenes nonrelated to the main storyline can be omitted to allow you a better chance at finishing the scene.

Enemy Respawn:

Vesta Inc. Map
Do enemies respawn, and if so how do they respawn? Yes, enemies respawn and there are a variety of triggers. Most maps are broken up into sections (zones). Each zone turns inactive or active procedurally as you progress through the map. For example, let’s say you enter a map that has five sections (keep in mind that these zones are invisible). While entering the map only two zones are active, for example. This means you can only encounter enemies in those active zones. As you step out of these zones, the other three zones will activate and the previous two zones will deactivate. This system continuously behaves this way. To the end gamer, they only have to walk around on the same map to continuously get into battles. To the system running in the background, zones are being triggered active to inactive and will eventually cease if triggered too much. In other words, respawns occur but not indefinitely. Zones do eventually stop becoming active.
Knowing about these systems may be helpful in progressing through the JAOD game. For more pro tips about the JAOD Project, visit

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