Battle Menu Talk: Combo

Jaquio's Combo Abilities:

1) Strike: Jaquio does a simple kick attack.
2) Pulverize: Jaquio strikes the ground, shattering it and causes damage to a small radius area. *Note: This does not count as AoE damage.
3) Pummel: Jaquio pummels target opponents with a series of punches.
4) Reckless: Jaquio performs a spinning attack.
5) Chivalry: Jaquio performs a series of attacks, and heals himself for a small portion of health afterwards.
6) Finale: Jaquio does an amazing combo attack, dealing brutal (heavy) damage.

JAOD Project
Jaquio's Combo @ Lv 6

Morak's Combo Abilities:

1) Strike: Morak does a simple sword attack.
2) Double Cut: Morak performs a double sword attack.
3) Slash: Morak slides through the enemy wielding his sword, performing a powerful attack sequence.
4) Air Blade: Morak performs a powerful sword swing that causes wind damage to opponents.
5) Bleed: Morak performs successive attacks, doing a lot of damage in a blood splattering flurry.
6) Dance: Morak performs a deadly sword ritual.
7) End Game: Morak performs an even more powerful and deadly sword ritual.

JAOD Project
Morak's Combo @ Lv 6

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